Ready to Ship Peek a Boo Handstamped component

Ready to Ship Peek a Boo Handstamped component

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Made to order- Please allow 5-7 days (*or less) for the creation of your one of a kind tin snippet

Hand stamped and darkened by me in my upstate NY studio
Silver nickel or Brass
Brass screw rivets and metal spacers

Multi Color Floral vintage tin peeking through, and also on back- each one will be different. *It will not be the same as in the photos on this listing! But will likely be from this same patterned tin! Brown and orange floral tin- not available.

The idea of this made to order snippet was inspired by the Word of the Year that creatives are utilizing instead of the regular resolution. If you have a word you are remember for 2018, now would be a great time to put it on a piece that you can wear as a reminder, or give as a gift.

Discs measure 1 inch diameter and length of word chosen must be considered - 

I used a few examples for the thumbnails of word lengths that will work well.  I may be able to  a short 2 word phrase, depending on what you want. I can also go up in disc size to accommodate longer words.

When ordering send an email to me with your word choice at:

Can be used in a variety of different ways- see thumbnails:
Thread onto a thin chain for a necklace!
Add jump rings and use as a jewelry component or toggle!
Add a large swivel lobster clasp and jump ring for a purse charm!

*You will only receive the tin snippet, no other components included.*