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* When and How will my order ship: Usually within 48 hours, via USPS First Class Mail. All orders ship from NY state. I package jewelry in a gift box, and then in a bubble mailer.

*Where is my order?? If you do not receive your order within 1 week, please alert me as soon as possible so i can look into the tracking.

*Do you accept Custom Orders? Sometimes yes. Depends a few variables such as if I have beads and supplies in stock.

*How can I pay? PayPal is our payment processor, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance.

*Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy? No, you can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account via Shopify Payments

*What is Shop Pay? Shop Pay offers you the option to pay in full at checkout, orĀ to split your purchase into 4 equal installment payments. You can't adjust the number of installment payments or the price range available for Shop Pay Installments. ... To use Shop Pay Installments, your shipping address needs to be in the United States